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Heartbreaking Story: The Real Life Aika And John On MMK

The 'Love M Now' episode of 'Maalaala mo Kaya' that aired on the night of February 18th left many hearts shattered. True to its title, Aika and John proved what 'endless love' truly means as they defied the odds and conquered their fears.
Despite Aika's fears of falling in love due to her leukemia, John was able to break through her tough shell in his long crusade of love, patience and loyalty. John's efforts eventually paid off after Aika finally opened up to him and allowed him to join her in the battle against her disease.
Unfortunately, life dealt an unexpected blow to the couple after taking John's life through a car accident. Skeptical about this sudden and cruel twist of fate, Aika refused to believe that John has left her and ended up breaking down in the arms of her family.
Julia Barretto, who beautifully gave life to the character of Aika, was showered with praises for her moving performance.
Joshua Garcia, who portrayed John, also received praise for his performance.
This is the second time the two performed together following the success of their movie 'Vince and Kath and James', which was released last December 252016.






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