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The Secret of Alice Dixson Staying Fit at 47 Years Old Revealed!

As the saying goes "Life starts at 40", and actress Alice Dixson proves that she is the epitome of beauty even at the age 47. She recently created a buzz around social media as she posted a sizzling hot photo in Instagram and shared some of her secrets to staying fit.
She said that it is important to eat the right kind of food and exercise regularly. But she also noted that there is one person whom she owed her lifestyle to.
“I have my dad to thank. He taught me every sport he knew—and if he didn't know he would find someone to teach me” she said, referring to her dad James Dixson.
She added that her dad taught her since she was a child. “Softball, skateboarding, basketball, gymnastics, sprint, volleyball, windsurf, skydiving, and, most recently, badminton and tennis.” she added.
She also shared that she joined the swimming team for a short time when she was in UST.
She also gave everyone a piece of advice saying, “Train your mind, train your body.”
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