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IN VIDEO: Pinay na nurse at Amerikanong doktor sc@ndal ang dahilan pagpapakamatay ng kanyang asawang tricycle driver.

The video includes a lady who appears to have Asian and Filipina highlights playing around with a big-bodied American in a hotel room or a fabulous room.
A video is now viral after it allegedly caused the suicide of a Filipino tricycle driver.
There were no unmistakable discussions, as the two appears to simply be messing about and playing around. It appears as though they were on a live show and there were people watching what they are doing on the web.
The asserted suicide is not yet affirmed. It was just posted as a subtitle of the video.
In the event that this is demonstrated valid, this won’t be a first time that an OFW submitted additional conjugal issues once set outside the nation. A portion of the known cases is those of Roderick Vargas and Liezel Apostol both working in Singapore. Their undertaking was communicated on Facebook by a mysterious writer. Another posted by Jolian Noceda who shared that his significant other was taking part in extramarital entanglements in the Middle East.
The instances of these additional conjugal undertakings have been alarming to the point that agents and ambassadors in a few nations are as of now stressed. In the first place, they are anxious about the possibility that the picture of the Filipinos having affectionate families are gradually being overlooked. Second, they concede that they don’t have the ability to intrude with those issues and can just offer directing and direction.
They revealed that the measure of letters they get had a normal of 1,000 dissensions for every month, and half of it includes fathers or moms who can’t be reached and quit sending budgetary help to their particular families in the Philippines. This carelessness made families be broken separated.
Kanlungan, a non-government association likewise concedes that unlawful undertakings are a major element in the matter of why OFW’s overlook their families in the Philippines.
As of this written work, the video as of now has 1,100 preferences and 900 remarks yet the suicide still has no solid confirmation. Be that as it may, if there’s a thing that stands genuine, it is that there is a stressing number of OFWs as of now conferring double-crossing acts whether communicated or kept oblivious.

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