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LOOK: Bangladeshi Man Covers His Entire Body With ‘BUBBLE-LIKE’ Tumors!

A father in Bangladesh is suffering from a rare genetic condition wherein his entire body is covered with ‘bubble-like’ tumors.

Shadot Hossain, a father of three is believed to be suffering from Neurofibromatosis.

The 47-year-old man’s overgrown tumors have already covered his face that he could permanently lose his vision.
The growth is so severe that he cannot even wear clothing on his top half and were struggling to feed himself.

He said, “It is very difficult to live with pain like this. I also suffer a lot with itching on the body and the neck. My body feels heavy.”
“If I eat chapattis, my neck hurts so I eat rice,” he added.
Aside from physical pain, Shadot also suffers emotionally from the harsh stares and comments of those who sees him.

Even Shadot’s own 12-year-old-son Abdullah Hossain refrain from looking at him.
He said, “The moment anyone sees me they try to move away from me. The kids when they see me they just freak out and start running. They’re afraid of me.
I cannot go outside because children are afraid of me. They call me ‘Monster.’ I wasn’t always in this condition. I was handsome in my young age.
Nowadays Abdullah doesn’t talk to me. I understand why he feels like that. I can’t do anything for my son or family.
I feel very bad, at night I don’t sleep because I feel afraid.”
Apparently, Shadot who work as a laborer before, first noticed a tumor growing on his forehead when he was just 13 years old but was still fine.
He even got married with his beloved wife, Tajmohel Khatun, who accepted him despite his illness.
His wife has seen first-hand the impact her husband’s deteriorating condition.

39-year-old Tajmohel said, “When I married Shadot he was suffering with this disease but he was fine but his condition is so much worse now; slowly the tumors have grown.
He is not able to do anything alone now. We even need to help change his clothes and help with using the toilet.
Villagers provide us with clothes to wear as I am not able to earn a living.
My husband is ill and I have to accept this fact. I have gotten my two daughters married but because of our financial crisis I cannot send my son to school.”
The couple with their children were still living normal life years ago, but in the last five years, Shadot’s condition has become worse.

He said, “In the last five years the tumors covered my whole body; my eyes have been closed by them and I can’t see properly.’
Dr Mahmudul Hassan, “I haven’t seen any case like this before. Patient Shadot’s condition is very serious. We need to cut the layers from his eyes for the lack of visibility that he is suffering. If not cured he can lose his visibility.”
Shadot and his family have been relying on charity to fund his treatment.

Mohammed Mamun Biswas, a local social worker, also help the family by campaigning and collecting money for him.
He said, ”I ask the government to provide proper treatment to Shadot so he can get back to a normal life and support his family and help his boy to study.”
Gladly, Mohammed’s effort didn’t go to waste.

The poor man will go to the National Institute of Neuro-Sciences & Hospital in Dhaka for a full diagnosis and potential treatment.

Tajmohel said: “I pray to God to cure my husband so I don’t have to live the rest of my life as a widow. There is no peace in our lives.”
Via: Metro
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