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LOOK: A Chinese Boy Suffering From Rare Birth Defect Appears To Have Two Faces!

A Chinese boy suffering from rare birth defect appears to have two faces. Since his story first appeared in 2010, he has caught the attention of millions and has been dubbed as the “Mask Boy”.

Huikang was born on March 4, 2009, in southern China’s Hunan Province.


He was suffering from a severe transverse facial cleft, which means there are two huge gaps appearing from both sides of his mouth leading towards his ears.
The deformation made him look like he has two faces and was nicknamed ‘mask boy’ by the media

Yi Lianxi, mother of Huikang, was 23 years old at the time of his birth, was devastated by her son’s birth defect. Even the doctors would avoid showing her the baby.


She said, “I saw the child was crying, and I cried too. I felt my heart had broken. Why would this happen to me.”

However, Yi Lianxi was also puzzled by the defect because she had undergone three ultrasound scans and one Doppler ultrasound scan during her pregnancy and no deformation had been detected.
Sadly, according to Huikang’s grandmother, a lot of the family’s acquaintances suggested they should throw away the child, but she said ‘how could we do that’.
Yi Lianxi took Huikang to the No. 163 Military Hospital in Changsha for treatment and the boy’s unusual appearance has caught the attention of millions in 2010 and expressed an outpouring of sympathy towards the child.
According to Dr. Wang Duquan, Huikang’s condition was extremely rare and very serious during that time.

He said, “Not only his soft tissues were damaged, broken and moved, his temporal bone, cheekbones, sphenoid bone and upper jaw were all damaged.”
Thanks to the donations from the public, Huikang and his family, who struggled with expensive medical bills, were able to afford surgical operations for him in 2010 which reportedly cost some 400,000 yuan (£47,200).
Huikang underwent two surgeries; one on May 9 and the other on September 1 at the No. 163 Military Hospital.
Gladly, both operations are successful.
Amazingly, the boy’s appearance has changed a lot after the first operation.

However, the doctor said that Huikang would need to wait for about 10 years to see if his facial bones would grow in a normal way.

Meanwhile, in the past seven years, there have been no further reports on how little Huikang is recovering. Many were looking for ways to help the family since his heartbreaking story appeared again. — Via: Daily Mail
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