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Panoorin: Kasindak sindak na paglulon ng cellphone ng gf para hindi mahuli na nagcheat sa bf!

Infidelity caught in the Act or Camera spreads like wildfire ing Social Media. This is another Story of a woman cheating the Twist is she didn’t want to be Caught so she swalloed the only evidence that can prove that she is Cheating.

A 19-year-old woman reportedly swallowed her phone to cover up cheating from her boyfriend.
She intentionally did this to prevent her Bf reading her messages.
Brazilian teen Adriana Andrade reportedly woke up in a hospital bed after swallowing her phone when her boyfriend demanded to see messages on it after suspecting that he is being cheated.
Her boyfriend Renato took her to hospital after she felt strange for swallowing her device.
She had undergone surgical operation to have the cellphone removed from her body.

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