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The Amazing Herbal Uses Of This Grass Will Surely Surprise You!

Goose Grass is a common name for several grasses and annual herbs – It has similarities to cleanse the lymphatic system. In some studies, it is found that it can help some glandular disorders like tonsillitis, hepatitis, and some thyroid disorders.
goose grass

They are also astringent, tonic, depurative, and vulnerary. However, it is also consists of antiphlogistic and febrifuge, which makes it an amazing herb. Some herbalists said that is is more effective if it is fresh.
Health Benefits of Goose Grass
  • Goose Grass has a botanical genus known as galium, which came from the Greek word, gala, means “milk” and has some relation to curdle milk, which makes the cheese. Goose Grass has a lot of health benefits, but aside from that, its cooked shoots and young plants are used as a nourishing vegetable dish. Furthermore, in China, it is considered as a weight-reducing vegetable.
  • Goose Grass is known as a diaphoretic that helps stimulate perspiration and sweating. It helps get toxic wastes through the skin.
  • Goose Grass is loaded with vitamin C that is used to treat scurvy and it also has a lot of health benefits. In addition, it is also said that goose grass can treat cysts and tumors.
  • Goose Grass also acts as a cleaning and purifying tonic that helps get rid of the toxins in the body. However, it is also effective in removing and draining poisons and trapped bacteria from the lymph glands. It helps relieve glandular fever, swollen or enlarged lymph glands, adenoids and tonsillitis.
  • Goose Grass is consist of coumarin that has the ability to blood-thinning properties, which gives benefits to lessen blood pressure and blood clotting. It is also helpful to people who has the risk to have arteriosclerosis, stroke and heart attack.
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