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Walang pag-iimbot ng asawa sa pagseserbisyo sa kanyang asawa at kabit na parang alipin-Ngunit ito ang mangyayari sa katapusan

They treated her like a slave, and even abused her at times.
Marriage is a sacred part of every couple’s lives. Couples swear to protect and love their partners in sickness and in health, until death do they part. Sadly, with the availability of divorce and marriage annulment, more and more couples fall out of love and separate with ease.
This man shamelessly brought his mistress home, even with his wife living in the same house. Despite her husband’s actions, the woman stayed by his side, even working as a maid in her own home. She would serve her adulterous husband and his mistress by cooking food for them, and even washing their clothes.
She finally reached her limit when she experienced verbal and emotional abuse from her husband and his mistress that she decided to flee and live independently. She opened a small business where people would enjoy the food she cooked and served herself. Things were going smoothly for her, until one day when a former neighbour told her something.
Apparently, her husband’s mistress had left him after taking all his money. The husband was also suffering from nerve damage that had left him disabled and unable to move on his own. What she does to her husband will definitely move you to tears!
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