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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Mga Teenager May Ibang Ginagawa sa Harap ng Simbahan

Nowadays teenagers are really s3xu@lly active that even in the holy place for worship they didn't care for it. This place is where to praise and worship the Almighty God and seeking guidance and answered to their prayers. But on the other hand, other people are giving importance and respect to the place where you can speak to God solemnly. And this is the reason that makes the social media users, netizens to got mad at the teen couple of disrespecting the sacred place. In one of the Facebook Page "Kapintatutan", a teenage sweetheart was captured by a smartphone camera doing intimate things that should be done in a private place or in a lover's room but without shame doing it in the front of the sacred church.

The majority of the netizens were all disgusted upon watching the video captured by some bystanders in the nearby area of the church because the teenager sweethearts were unconcerned to do it in the daylight condition in front of the sacred place like this place. Based on the Facebook post, the video captured was recorded somewhere in Sta. Maria Bulacan.

This video caught so much attention to the netizens and social media users that collected thousands of reactions, negative and provocative feedbacks from the various netizens that was featured presumably in their teenage years. They also allude that the person capturing the video should have hit lightly the young sweethearts attention rather than having entertained of the unnecessary incidents in front of the church. What will be your comments about this incident? Is it offensive since that is not the right place for their intimate actions?

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