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This Man Complained of a Foul Odor Coming From His Girlfriend’s V*gina. Here’s What the Doctor Advised Him to Do!

  • A man complained of a foul smell coming from his partner's v*gina.
  • He claimed he was unable to focus on intercourse due to the unbearable odor.
  • A doctor gave him advice on how to deal with the situation.

Women naturally produce v*ginal odor. However, if the odor smells a bit fishy or foul, then maybe it’s caused by something unhealthy happening in the v*gina.
An unidentified man asked journalist Raffy Tulfo for help on his show ‘Sintomas I-Text Mo’. The mystery texter complained that his live-in partner’s private parts smelled so foul that he was unable to concentrate while having s*xual intercourse with her.
The journalist then asked the advice of medical expert Dr. Gary Sy.
According to Dr. Sy, an expert in Geriatric Medicine and Medical Director of The Life Extension Health & Wellness Center, v*ginal odor can be a hindrance to the pleasure derived from s*xual intercourse with a female partner.
It either results in a woman finding the odor too embarrassing or the male partner refusing intercourse due to the unbearable smell.
Dr. Sy stated that if the female’s private parts develop a nasty odor every day, then she might have a v*ginal bacterial infection. He suggests that women who experience this symptom visit an OB-GYNto get checked.
According to him, a v*ginal bacterial infection can be caused by the following:
  • hormonal cycle
  • spicy food
  • too much washing
He advised ladies to refrain from washing too much in order to avoid removing the private part’s natural odor. Dr. Sy said that this odor is due to normal acidity which protects the v*gina from different kinds of bacteria.
He also gave a few tips on how to minimize the odor coming from a woman’s privates.
These include:
  • washing immediately after intercourse
  • using plain warm water to wash the v*gina
  • rubbing yogurt on the vagina to increase good bacteria. Make sure to wash it a few minutes after
  • mixing a cap full of white vinegar with at least 2-3 cups of water and use this to wash the v*agina
  • or mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with warm water and using this to wash the v*gina instead.
When all else fails, you should consult your doctor.
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