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IN VIDEO:CCTV footage was uncovered of Maute terrorists surrounding a police officer before shooting him.

CCTV footage of Maute terror group members surrounding and then shooting a Marawi police officer has gone viral.
According to ABS-CBN News, they obtained the footage on June 8th. The footage shows the Maute group terrorists mobbing Senior Inspector Freddie Solar before was shot dead on May 23. The video was taken from Amai Pakpak Hospital.
(via news.abs-cbn.com – screencap)
It can be seen in the footage that unidentified individuals wearing black, who are suspected Maute group members, entered the hospital while carrying high-powered assault rifles. A man in a yellow shirt and backpack was seen presumably leading these gunmen around the area.
Freddie Solar is then shown being surrounded by these armed men who ordered him to drop to his knees.
(via news.abs-cbn.com)

Later Solar was led inside hospital building, arms raised.
(via news.abs-cbn.com)
Afterwards, an orange SUV pulled up into the driveway ridden by what appeared to be more militants. A gunman is then seen taking a gun off of a security guard.
Earlier Solar’s wife said that members of the Maute group had forced the police officer to his knees before ordering him to “pray as they do.” Afterwards, they reportedly killed him.
Watch the CCTV footage below:
The CCTV footage, provided by ABS-CBN’s source, was taken on the day that Maute and Abu Sayyaf militants besieged the city of Marawi (May 24, 2017).
At around 11pm on the same day, President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law over the entire Mindanao region, suspending the privilege of habeas corpus. Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella made the announcement on behalf of the president who was in Russia at the time. Abella added that martial law in the area will be in effect for 60 days.
According to military spokesman Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla, an estimated 134 Maute fighters, 39 government troops and 20 civilians have died due to the Marawi conflict as of June 8, 2017.
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