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Journalist slams PHL media for ‘god-like, sinless’ portrayal of Parojinogs in news reports

Here’s a post from the Facebook page of Syet daa Pwet which is being administered by a journalist.
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Full post:
In 1994, I went to Osamiz to do a story on the Kuratong Baleleng.
I will tell you this, even the cops there at that time were so scared of the Parojinogs they would not talk to reporters about the family that controls KB.
Now there are stories circulating how good people the Parojinogs are? Just like how nice people the Abu Sayyaf were. Good job local media!!! Good job!!!
Kaya madaming kriminal sa bansa dahil ang media natin ginagawa silang bayani. They are romanticized instead of villified.
Ang masakit nito, yung mga pulis at sundalo ang pinapalabas na may sala kahit maayos ang operasyon.
Tapos pag lugmok na ang bansa natin, magsisilayas papuntang ibang bansa yung mga mayayaman na may-ari ng media natin.
Ang maiiwan, yung mga kawawang media workers na hindi na binigyan ng tamang benepisyo iniwan pa sa kangkungan.
Kailan kaya tayo matututo? Mapa-mamamayan o media pa man?
Netizens were also quick to echo Syet da Pwet’s insinuations.
I was there a few years ago. Ozamiz was such a backwater city in the midst of a progressive region (Northern Mindanao). Majority of people I talked to there seemed self-defeated and admittedly were helpless as long as the Parojinogs stayed in power. Heck. Even cops as far as Cagayan de Oro dreaded to be reassigned to Ozamiz, says one comment.
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