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Bakit galit ang taumbayan sa CHR?

We don’t hate the Commission on Human Rights by itself. We need it. The country needs CHR base on the mandates from our constitution. But, we don’t need a CHR head like the yellow-blooded Chito Gascon. Because of him, the CHR became ugly and tasteless.
Here are the supposed functions of the CHR that every filipino should be enjoying but the CHR failed to deliver.
Let’s review each item if CHR really deserves the P700-million annual budget.
How many ‘menor de edad’ children were molested and raped by some priests and pedophiles since Aquino’s regime? Did we hear any noise or condemnation from them? Is the CHR a redundant office since we already have a functioning DSWD? It says that CHR monitors the current situation of Filipino children but we don’t even see any major programs that enhance, protect and develop the total humanity of our children in our country. Our children remain vulnerable from abuse, drugs, and crimes.
Our Womens Desk in the PNP covers it already. The LGBTQ has its own voice now. Protecting women? What have CHR done so far for our abused and prostituted women? None! Mas naririnig pa namin ang boses para sa hustisya ng napaslang na rapist kesa sa kanyang biktima dahil mas tinutulungan ng CHR ang mga kriminal. Why? Because they want to blame Duterte as the man behind all the killings. Because the mission of Chito Gascon is so clear — destroy Duterte, install Leni!
To all Lola and lolos, have you heard about CHR existence in your area? What have they done to you so far? Have the CHR written a single recommendation to the Congress for the PWDs?
Oh come on! Where was CHR during the Yolanda wrath? They allowed the yellow government consumed the funds for their political gains. Have you heard the CHR condemning the poor and substandard houses built by the Aquino government for Yolanda victims?
The law says, CHR acts as main coordinator and a police for crisis like war. Now, have you seen Chito Gascon participating the crisis management in Marawi? Have you heard CHR condemning Aquino for the unfortunate fate of our 44 soldiers in Mamasapano?
A country needs a government institution and a head that is true to its mission. We need CHR as a whole but let’s call for the resignation of former Director-General of the Liberal Party, Chito Gascon. He will only use the office of the CHR to continue embarass the governement in the International Courts and Human Rights groups. He wants to destroy Duterte while he campaigns for the release of drug queen Leila de Lima.
Gascon asked the Congress for P1.7 Bilion 2018 budget but it was slashed to P1,000. Are the congress crazy? Nope. This is only a wake-up call to Gascon that the people from their district are not happy with his performance. I believe that the P1,000 budget will not prosper in the Senate level. The CHR will still be getting its 650 million budget but at least, we’ve seen Gascon fall. A revenge that we’ve been waiting for.
Give the whole budget to CHR….IF Gascon will resign! We need CHR. We hate Gascon. Period. #OustGascon
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