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BISTADO KANA! Secret Bank Account ni Trillanes sa Singapore

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV dared President Rodrigo Duterte to show his BPI bank account, but reports allegedly said that he had many bank accounts outside the Philippines.

One netizen from Singapore allegedly revealed the Singapore bank account of Mr. Trillanes using Singaporean/Chinese name so that Filipinos wouldn’t be able how money he had in this bank.

Not only that, Trillanes is said to have bank accounts in well-known banks in China or in Hongkong, and I feel indeed this allegation that he had a huge money in these banks is true, and Mr. Trillanes’ future is now secured and so he can retire as a politician. He can live anywhere he wants to be with these huge amounts of money.

Netizens also said that Mr. Trillanes already knew that his political career in the country is over but he has had the money that would provide everything’s for family after being a paid Philippine senator by his oligarch friends.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, “it seems that Trillanes has these alleged bank accounts and yet he had the courage to blame President Duterte that he had a billion pesos BPI bank account when he invested his money outside the country.”

It seems that Mr. Trillanes is not the only one doing this thing, I mean, hiding huge amounts of money somewhere else. Sad to say, other known Liberal Party politicians did the same thing as Trillanes. They stole government’s funds and Filipinos’ money from their taxes, then they put their money outside the Philippines.

For now, let’s see how much money Mr. Trillanes got in his alleged bank accounts outside the country.
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