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BREAKING NEWS: Anak ni Henry Sy Defended Duterte from Intl Media

Daughter of the richest man in the Philippines and business tycoon, Henry Sy, lauded the Duterte administration for handling the economy of the country very well.

Teresita Sy-Coson, current Vice Chairperson of SM investments Corporation believes that the drug war and the polished friendship between the Philippines and China would help the economy.

In an interview with MSN, Coson said that the dealings with China is something positive for the economy of the country.

The woman who has various experience in the business industry, believes that President Rodrigo Duterte is intelligent enough to balance the relationship between the Philippines and China that would really helped the economy to grew.

“We’re loking at China from the economic point of view and not from the political point of view,” she said.

She also added that the drug war of the current administration helped businesses grow.

This is the conversation between the MSN reporter and Sy-Coson:

MSN reporter: Philippines in danger though after pivoting too closely to China or the model should be, a bit more diversified?”

Sy-Coson: “I think our president is intelligent enough to balance the relationship and I think we are looking at China more from the economic point of view, not from the political point of view so, I guess he knows how to maintain the relationship.”

MSN reporter: “And your President is going to be here, what do you think is his message to the ASEAN is going to be and the Philippines has the chairmanship?”

Sy-Coson: “Well, his message all this time about stopping the drugs and maintaining peace and order so that the business community can thrive and also the economy can prosper. I think that’s what, perhaps, his main message. He has been leaving the business community to its own, to run its own show and without a lot of government intervention. I think that is why our economy is doing okay.”

MSN reporter: “Some of his critics have said that his policy pronouncements have been somewhat erratic, I am just curious Teresita, on the ground, how would you describe business confidence, business investor sentiment amongst foreign and domestic investors in the Philippines right now?”

Sy-Coson: “Our economy has been growing at 7% and perhaps it will maintain 6-7% and, in spite of all the skepticism, the business community has been growing and I guess we’re happy about it.”

Pro-Duterte blogger Krizette Laureta Chu shared the link of the interview on her Facebook page and she had a message for the critics of the government.

She made a sarcastic remark that the people must listen first from the Liberal Party and the people who acted like they were experts in economics than to a woman like Teresita Sy-Coson who handled billion dollar businesses in the Philippines.

BUT NO WAIT LET’S LISTEN TO WHAT DOOMSAYERS FROM LP and THE NAGMAMARUNONG ARE SAYING. I’m sure the “economists” who don’t handle billion dollar businesses know better. Or you know, those people who have 2 units of Economics. LOL.
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