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BUKING KA NA! Veteran Intel Officer Reveals Trillanes Lies About the Alleged Triad

A veteran intelligence officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, retired Army Major Abe Puruganan, Sen. Trillanes is lying on his accusations about the membership of Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte on the alleged Chinese Triad syndicate.

Sir Abe Purugganan questioned the sources of Sen. Trillanes on his expose about the connections of the Vice Mayor to the Chinese Triad which the senator claimed came from a foreign intelligence agency.

The veteran intel officer clarified that if the information of Sen. Trillanes came from
a foreign intel agents, then there's no way of getting such information because the senator could not access such information.

Sir Abe noted that there is a formal channel for sharing information therefore Sen. Trillanes lied on his statements about his sources of information.

The intel officer also stated that Sen. Trillanes must disclose which country did he get the information. Now it will be revealed that Trillanes did not get it from the intel community, then his information could have come from the TRIAD.

Here's the Complete Statement of Sir Abe Purugganan:

Mr. Trillianes said that his information came from a foreign country. My question is, is it really from a foreign intelligence agency?

If it is, then Trillianes has no access to such information for they are classified. There is a formal channel for sharing information. Therefore, Trillianes lied.

Trillianes must disclose which country did he get that information.

Now if it is not from the foreign intelligence services or law enforcement units, that information could have come from the TRIAD. If it is from the TRIAD, is Trillianes connected with the TRIAD to have access to such information. And why is a Philippine senator talking to Chinese mafia called the TRIAD? Is he working with the TRIAD, drug syndicates & narco politicians / generals to remove Pres Duterte from office? If this is so, then he is a protector and playing the deception game. So, he lied again.

Not unless he just made up all these information to shame the Duterte family and create public unrest. And so, he lied again and again.

Source: Sir Abe Purugganan FB Page

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