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BUKINGAN NA! P50 Million Mansion sa Stepdaughter ni Sen.Drilon, Pinagdududahan

It makes no sense how someone can purchase an item they cannot afford, unless you are the stepdaughter of Senator Franklin Drilon who apparently bought a North Forbes Park mansion in 2004 for Php 50 million even when her income that time was insufficient.

Anonymously ran We Are Collective (WAC) posted the article by columnist Jojo Robles which detailed the ownership of the mansion and questioned how could Drilon or his stepdaughter afford it without some kind of corruption.

WAC alleges that Drilon could have used his stepdaughter, Eduarda Genuino, as a kind of dummy to acquire the lot without it seeming suspicious. Drilon even refused investigations into his bank account at a time when Chief Justice Reynato Corona was undergoing hearing for the Pork Barrel scam.

Robles, in his article, traced the documents of the mansion and it pointed to couple Amalia and Manuel Montecillo. The property underwent a series of mortgages until it landed in Genuino’s name after the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) sold it to her.

Genuino is said to be a friend of the wealthy Tantoco family and managed to acquire a high-paying position in a Tantoco company. She was also involved in real estate business, however, none of these livelihood backgrounds can prove that she could have afforded such residency.

Robles reported that, “on June 10, 2009, Eduarda Genuino sold the 17 Kawayan place for P98 million to a company calling itself Triple 8 Enterprises and Trading Corp. The sale, representing an almost 100 percent increase in value from the BPI purchase, authorized Triple 8 president Wilson V. Ko in a secretary’s certificate to buy the property from Drilon’s step-daughter.”

Media found out about the sold property and ran an article on it. When Drilon’s name got mixed in the controversy, Drilon’s chief-of-staff Oscar Yabes issued a statement.

“The senator categorically denies that he owns the property,” Yabes wrote in his published reply. “[While it] was indeed registered under the name of his step-daughter, Eduarda Genuino, [it] was already sold, and there was no way that the good senator had been involved in the transactions.

“It was owned by the Genuino family. It has already been sold as part of the business of the Genuinos,” Yabes continued. “[The Genuinos] are engaged in buy and sell and bid and sell of properties and have the capacity to buy the subject property which was sold in 2009, while Senator Drilon was in the private sector. Senator Drilon did not spend any for it and he never used any of the proceeds of the transaction. All taxes have also been paid by the Genuino family.”


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