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EXPOSED: Paano Yumaman si Trillanes?

Senator Antonio Trillanes must really have a penchant for contradicting the administration. If you remember, Trillanes rose to the public eye when he acted as a spokesperson of the Magdalo group who launched a couple of coup and military uprisings against the Arroyo administration.

What was he? He was a mere mediocre naval procurement officer whose salary won't make him a millionaire even in a thousand years - unless he has other sources of income, that is.

But where did he get the millions that he has now that President Duterte accused him of amassing, after he became a senator?

Mr. Jose Alejandrino shared the story, his Facebook account is private but a Facebook user named Inday Sheryl shared what he said.

Trillanes Story: RAGS TO RICHES by Jose Alejandrino 
Trillanes was only a mediocre naval procurement officer. His chief claim to fame was engaging in coups. He was pardoned and rose to the Senate courtesy of an equally mentally-unbalanced president Noynoy Aquino. Birds of the same feather stuck together.
Those in the military who know Trillanes well said he is a mercenary. He peddles his services to the highest bidder.
Copies of his foreign bank accounts now circulating in the social media show he has deposited about one million dollars, the equivalent of more than 50 million pesos, abroad. We don't know what else he has in foreign countries. Now how could this former supply officer have accumulated so much from the salary of a senator since the time of Noynoy?
Trillanes views himself as a crusader of good government. He sees himself as a future president. He turned against Duterte after visiting him in Davao before the elections to plead Duterte to make him his VP running mate. Duterte is not stupid. He knew Trillanes was just a mercenary and so turned his request down. Trillanes then decided to sell his services to the Opposition assuring it he could topple Duterte as president.
Trillanes is clearly delusional. BBC's Stephen Sackur got it right when he told Trillanes he was banging his head against a brick wall. Trillanes' brain cells have never connected. His insanity is no longer curable. His invented stories to malign the president and his family will continue until somebody bashes him on the head to show he is not untouchable. It will come sooner or later. What he sowed he shall reap.

There you have it, how else can you explain the insanely aggressive way he goes against the Duterte administration, when he wanted to be in it in the first place?

So, if Duterte didn't want his service, then he went to the highest bidder and vowed to do everything he can to oust Duterte?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Indäy Shëryl
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