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International Analyst Expose the Biases of German-Based News Outlet and its Reporter Ana P. Santos

International political analyst and a well-known supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte who is now based in Europe, Sass Rogando Sasot mad a controversial expose about the biases of a German-based news outlet and its Filipino reporter Ana P. Santos.

In a news report posted by DW.com, Filipino reporter Ana P. Santos stated that the Presidential Son, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte was grilled by opposition senator over an alleged drug links.

The report was lambasted by German-based Filipinos and Sass Rogando Sasot revealed the truth about the controversial article posted by a Filipino journalist on DW.com, one of the leading news outlets in Germany.

According to the international political analyst Sasot, Ana P. Santos should provide more information about the alleged "government documentation that go back as early as 2007" identifying Paolo Duterte as a major "drug protector" in their hometown of Davao.

Netizens were quick to react also with the alleged biases of DW.com and their Filipino reporter Ana P. Santos for spreading lies in Germany about the real incident during the Senate Hearing and how the Filipino people generally reacted to the unproven allegations of Sen. Trillanes.

Here's the Complete Statement of Sass Rogando Sasot:

Ang pagsalsal ni Ana P. Santos sa kalokohan ni Trillanes. O diba nasa DW, isa sa mga leading news source sa Germany.

Go lang Ana P. go lang sa pagsalsal...

Ana P. ano itong "government documentation" dito na pinagsasabi mo? ahihihihi

"Government documentation that go back as early as 2007 identified Paolo Duterte as a major "drug protector" in their hometown of Davao."

Teh, why don't you identify what "government documentation" you are talking about? Bola-bolahin ang mga Aleman...go girl!


Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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