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LOOK: British na May Pusong Pinoy Nagpapasalamat kay Duterte

British citizen who found Philippines as home expressed his gratitude for President Rodrigo Duterte for putting in place big improvements in the country.

Malcolm Conlan said thanks in behalf of “many foreigners around the globe” who found Duterte’s leadership as integral to a better Philippines.

Although Conlan admits to having been long drawn to the Philippines because of the people, Duterte managed to bring in a sense of pride for the people after gradually excising illegal drugs, corruption, and crimes.

Duterte’s popularity rating of over 80% sets an example for other leaders in the world. Conlan says that it teaches other leaders how to engage with their people.

In his full post on Facebook, Conlan said,

"A letter to the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Dear Sir

I am writing to you to pass on my grateful thanks from the many foreigners around the globe who admire you for your strength of leadership, dedication, humbleness and desire to see a better Philippines for us all.

I have been travelling to the Philippines now for over 25 years and have been 'back home' over 50 times. Over the years, I have seen many improvements gradually taking place and have fallen in love with the country and people.

I know I speak for many people around the globe who visit the country, that the Philippines to us is one of the greatest countries in the world.

This is due in part to the incredible, friendly, caring, loving and hospitable people.

Wherever you travel around the world, you will always be met with a friendly smile, positive attitude and since you have taken office, a increased sense of pride in the Philippines and renewed hope for a better Philippines, free of corruption, drugs and criminality under your world class leadership.

With a popularity rating of over 80%, you are a shining example to world leaders on how to engage with your electorate, bring about real change and increased confidence in the country and people.

Maraming Salamat po sir, I always pray for your continued strength, dedication and foresight, your leadership has helped millions of Filipinos both in the Philippines and around the world.

Humbly yours

Malcolm Conlan

British Citizen with a Filipino heart

London, UK"
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