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LOOK: Karen Davila Halos Mapaluha sa Pagsupalpal na isang Abogado

Karen Davila was again lambasted by netizens over her commentaries on DZMM TeleRadyo show.

Davila suggested that presidential son Paolo Duterte and Sara Duterte's husban Mans Carpio should clear their names from accusations made by Senator Antonio Trillanes.

Many reacted and the veteran reporter was attacked online after her video was posted through DZMM TeleRadyo's Facebook page.

One of Duterte's prominent supporter and a lawyer, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles lectured Davila on her Facebook page.

"Karen Davila says that Paolo Duterte and Mans Carpio need to go to the senate to clear their names because they were mentioned by a witness.

What she is doing here is saying that because their names were mentioned, they are presumed guilty and they now have the burden to clear their names?

They have no such burden.

The accuser must prove guilt. The person who asserts a fact must prove it. Sen. Trillanes believes the two are guilty? Then he must have evidence to show that. Trillanes asserts that Paolo Duterte is connected to Taguba? Then he must prove it. Hearsay evidence proves nothing.

The problem is, Ms. Davila wants the two to prove their innocence. Forgetting that innocence is presumed, and this presumption is guaranteed by the constitution.

The two do not have anything to prove. It is Trillanes who needs to prove that his suspicions warrant some kind of compulsion to force the two to come to the senate.

You have it backwards, Ms. Davila.

One last thing. As my friend Xc A Marin points out, the senate is a legislative body. It is not a court. A court is where you prove guilt or innocence and ... ahem... clear your name once and for all. :)"
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