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Maria Sofia Love Kakasuhan ng Persona Non Grata

Yesterday, a viral video of a transgender name Maria Sofia Sanchez or more popularly known as Maria Sofia Love made rounds in the internet.

In the said video, Maria Sofia was seen dancing maliciously to the tune of the Philippine National Anthem. Additionally, instead of placing her hand on her chest, she proceeded by placing in on her crotch, all the while dancing dirtily and laughing.

Furthermore, a TV 5 program, Raffy Tulfo got in touch with Teddy Atienza, Chief of Heraldy Section on National Historic Commission of the Philippines to ask about the possible punishment that Sofia love is facing.

When asked what he thought about video he said:
"Napaka-pag-wawalangya sa ating National Anthem."
Atienza informed Tulfo that they already seeked legal advices for the said act, and according to UP Law Canter, Sofia Love can be charged based on our country's laws since she used social media to do the disgusting act.

He also confirmed that it is possible that Sofia Love may be facing a persona non grata punishment or cancellation of her passport.

Watch the video below:

The Facebook Page Thinking Pinoy also posted a document showing how a letter written to Hon. Alan Peter Cayetano regarding the said act.

What can you say about this? Are you in favor of the punishment for Sofia Love?

Source: News5, TP
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