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Palit Pera Gang Sa Jolibee, Kuhang kuha sa CCTV

Criminals these days have different tactics or “modus operandi” which they use on unsuspecting people. Some of them get caught in the middle of the act while others are lucky enough to go around unnoticed. Though these thieves often choose small-time places to rob for fear of getting caught, there are those who are brave enough to target big-time places such as this crook who went to do his dastardly deed at Jollibee.

Netizen Eden Tordeza shared on Facebook page ‘All about the Philippines’ some CCTV footage of an innocent-looking Jollibee customer who is actually a “Palit-Pera” gang member. In the video, the unidentified suspect, was buying his meal when he suddenly reached inside his bag to get a Php 1000 bill. After realizing that what he bought was worth Php 50, he then offered to give the cashier the exact amount instead.

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