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Sa Wakas, Lumabas na Ang Proof sa Secret Bank ni Trillanes

In the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee wherein the entry of P6.4 billion illegal drugs in the country is being probed, Senator Antonio Trillanes insisted that Presidential son and Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and Presidential son-in-law, husband of Davao Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, Maneses Carpio attend the hearing because of his hearsay claim that they are protectors of drugs.

When they did grace the hearing, Trillanes went on and blabbered about the two having accounts in different banks and having millions of pesos in the said accounts. Another thing he insisted upon is, according to his "foreign intel" that Paolo Duterte is a member of the Chinese Triad and has a tattoo on his back.

Well, guess what as it turned out, Trillanes MAY be the member and Trillanes IS the one who has several bank accounts to hide under.

Watch the video of Erwin Tulfo here.

Following this, a netizen deposited $50 on each of the bank accounts of Trillanes that was mentioned and it turned out, majority proved that they were active, and only two came back as return deposits.

Here are the photos of the said account taken from the Facebook page Davao Breaking News 2. The page is urging people to screenshot the evidence in case Facebook deletes the posts again.
Proof of the existence of the offshore accounts of Senator Trillanes. The depositor, whose name was covered in the said photos for his protection, deposited $50 to each of the suspected accounts and many turned out to be active while two were "returned deposits" indicating that the accounts could either be closed or non-existent.Please save the photos and share. In case FB deletes this post again.











Source: Davao Breaking News-2
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