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Sandra Cam Tinawag si Trillanes na isang "LYING COWARD"

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was called a traitor, mercenary, coward, and stupid by renowned whistle-blower Sandra Cam after the senator accused President Rodrigo Duterte of undeclared bank accounts back during the 2016 elections.

“Pag nangyari yon (Trillanes executing an affidavit), sasamahan pa niya (Duterte) na i-open ang sinasabi niyang account,” Cam said.

Cam pinned the blame on Malacañang, drug lords, corrupt elites as backers of Trillanes’ expose and controversial statements against Duterte.

Notably, these allegations were issued just when Duterte was leading the presidential poll. Trillanes issued a similar line of attack when it was 2016 presidential candidate Jejomar Binay who was leading the presidential polls.

“Why? When Mayor Duterte was not rating well, they had nothing to say against him. Why only now [that we have only] 10 days [left before the] elections?” Cam said.

It seemed to the former whistleblower that Duterte’s rivals, especially Mar Roxas from the Liberal Party (LP), were “panicking” over Duterte’s vastly increasing favor from the people. They had, during that time, feared he would win the presidency.

Cam attacked Trillanes also on his visit to China which was believed to have intitiated backdoor negotiations over the West Philippine Sea territories.

“You (Trillanes) are a coward, a lying coward,” Cam said.
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