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SHOCKING: Nagulat ang Netizens sa Sweldo ni Chito Gascon sa Isang Taon Bilang CHR

Facebook timelines blew up when the news came out that CHR was given P1000 budget for 2018 and more than a hundred people voted for it. A lot were angry because of what happened because they think that those who voted didn't care about human rights as a whole for the whole country.

But, did they even stop and think that maybe the commission itself didn't really care about human rights? What do they care about? The human rights of the criminals whom they think are victims of EJK or extrajudicial killing brought about by the Duterte Administration.

Well, we need them to think about what is happening here. What the angry people fail to see is that EJK has been happening even before Duterte assumed office. Thousands of policemen kill their preys and sometimes just kill anyone they find just so they will have something to report.

C'mon people, this has been happening for a long time!

What does the CHR do this time? Only in this administration was the CHR "concerned" about the human rights of criminals. Where were they when innocent people were dying while other presidents were seated?

So doesn't that make it weird why they are only acting that way now? Wouldn't it be safe to think that maybe, just maybe, they are getting something from the past administration that they aren't able to get now?

Think about it.

Meanwhile, on a related note, CHR chair is now in a hotseat after he appeared teary-eyed when he learned about the P1000 peso budget.

In a Facebook post of columnist Bobi Tiglao, he showed a document where the annual income of CHR Chair Chito Gascon can be seen. It appears that Gascon is getting more than P200k monthly for just keeping quiet and following the past government.

Patay! If Congress reduces CHR budget to P1,000, how will Chito Gascon pay for his expenses and instalment plans since he just got used to having a lifestyle based on guess what his annual compensation is as CHR chair?
P2.5 million per year or about P200,000 monthly.
Don't expect him to just give up that kind of salary, which he'll be getting until 2022, when his term ends.

While people are angry, Pinoys who are really "thinking" and using their brains understand that maybe, this is just a way to make Gascon resign, what do you say?


Source: Bobi Tiglao
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