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SHOCKING: Sen. Trillanes' 27 Bank Accounts in 10 Locations Abroad Will Expose the Senator's Hidden Wealth

Pres. Rody Duterte said that he would expose the Sen. Antonio Trillanes' hidden wealth which according to a well-placed government official that the senator had 27 bank accounts in 10 locations abroad.

The source noted that Sen. Trillanes had two time deposits in Shanghail, three in Beijing, two in Sinapore, two in Australia, three in Hong Kong, three in New Zealand, four in the Cayman Islands, four in the British Virgin Island, two in Zurich and two in Geneva.

Pres. Duterte's source reported that some of the time deposits are joint deposits with three different individuals, including Fabian Go, President of Granstar Finance and Development Corporation.

During the year 2015, Manila Standard also reported that Senate documents showed that Trillanes' office was allocating P1.63 million a month to pay the salaries' of 63 consultants including Fabian Go. The alleged involvement of Fabian Go, earlier denied that he had joint account with Sen. Trillanes.

Sen. Trillanes alleged bank accounts involved a depositor, whose name was covered in the photos, tried to deposit at least $50 into each of the suspected bank accounts - four accounts before the UBS Bank Switzerland (Zurich Branch), Commerz Bank A.G. Bank (Zurich Branch), Deutsche Bank S.A. (Geneve Main Branch), Nova Scotia Bank (Toronto Main Branch), Habib A.G. Bank (Zurich Main Branch), DBS Bank (Alexandra Branch in Singapore) and ANZ Bank (Auckland Main Branch).

Pres. Duterte, during a speech before the Mindano Business Conference in Cagayan de Oro City, Duterte said he would soon expose Trillanes' bank accounts abroad.

Sen. Trillanes immediately denied all the allegations against him about the supposed international bak accounts, branding them "fake news," and said he would slap Pres. Duterte's face with certifications issued by the banks denying the existence of those accounts.

Trillanes also said on Sunday that he would issued a waiver of the bank secrecy law to disprove Duterte's allegations but he did not explain that the bank secrecy law is only applicable in the Philippines and not internationally, thereby put him allegedly guilty also of spreading fake news according to a concerned netizen on social media.

Source: The Manila Standard
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