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Tiglao lambasts Trillanes: I can’t think of any senator in our history as obnoxious as Trillanes

Columnist Rigoberto Tiglao believes that Filipinos should be thankful for Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for shedding light on the dire need to end and replace the Senate since, it seems, it has become nothing more than a circus show especially with the likes of Trillanes amongst its roster.

Tiglao pointed out that while Filipinos have simply forgotten about other senators who are, off the bat, not as qualified to be in the Senate, it is Trillanes who parades his “obnoxious” manners by constantly targeting President Rodrigo Duterte.

The senator shames the wise halls of the Senate by turning it into nothing more than a mere circus show of badmouthing and humiliation. Lest the country forgets, Tiglao reminded that Trillanes was once jailed for his coup attempts in the past.

Even as Trillanes was prisoned, Tiglao said that the Yellows managed to market him and land him a seat in the Senate by 2007. Up until now, Trillanes remains a senator.

Tiglao surmised that the senator is strategizing to become the next president as is evident in his rash actions at the Senate. However, with his constant display of farce, Tiglao believes that it has propelled the people to opt for constitutional amendment to cleanse the government of the likes of Trillanes.

Source: Manila Times
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