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Watch: Trillanes Accidentally Let Slip That His Allegations Were Based On Google

On September 8. 2017, in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s hearing about the entry of the P6.4 billion illegal drugs in the country, Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and brother-in-law Maneses Carpio, the husband of Davai Mayor Inday Sara Duterte graced the senate after being invited in favor of Senator Antonio Trillanes’ insistence that they were involved with the BOC corruption and illegal entry of the drugs.

As it happens, the basis of Trillanes for saying that they are connected is a statement from a BOC representative Mark Taguba whose statements differ every hearing. So, in on statement he said that Paolo Duterte and Mans Carpio are drug protectors, in another one he said he takes it back and it is only hearsay, on yet another one, he apologized to the presidential son for involving him.
What that does mean? It means that Trillanes is insisting to have them attend the hearing based on just a hearsay. Why you asked? Well, that was answered when the two attended the hearing yesterday.
During his time of questioning the two, Trillanes blundered about them having different bank accounts and millions of pesos in them.
He even went as far as accusing Paolo that he is a member of Triad, an international crime syndicate.
His basis?
Wait for it..
So, he based his allegation that Paolo was a member of the Triad merely based on his colored dragon tattoo on his back. Which by the way he accidentally let slip that he just found on Google.
All this time, he was referring to a “foreign intelligence” as basis of his allegations. So, the foreign allegation was Google after all?
Go be the judge, watch the video here:
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